Driven by a true belief in the power of ideas.

Over 25 Years of Experience
Patented Technology Valuation
Market Due Dilingence
Business Opportunity Identification
Licensing Negotiations with 3rd Parties

After stints with Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Prudential, Union Carbide/Praxair, Competitive Technologies, IP Finance, Nerac, CPA Global, and Sun Life Financial, analyst-marketer Wil Jacques founded Emanus with his professional colleagues in 1999. The goal then was “to position Emanus as a pundit sharing news and information about intellectual property’s impact on commercial activity, company valuations, and industrial economics and how folks could use this information to their economic benefit. We wanted to open the intellectual property markets to those non-participants lacking the wherewithal to execute in that arena. Idealistically at the time, our mantra was “freedom to conjure, believe, dispel, attempt, and take part.” Wil kept the company going as a consultancy providing commercialization strategies, on-the-ground business development, and licensing deals for independent inventors, universities, small/medium size companies. The new Emanus embraces its past ideals and extends its reach deeper into the innovation community and culture.

Eclectic is the word that best describes this passionate technology commercialization and licensing agent.

I made a decision that I would do what I love and serve those who would appreciate the value of my work. My experiences and association with researchers, lawyers, and other technical professionals allow me to make a huge contribution to a select clientele.

Wil Jacques is a senior intellectual property subject matter expert with over 25 years of development, patenting, commercialization, and licensing experience in public and private sector engineering, manufacturing, and  sales organizations. Though providing a broader range of services, his practice focuses on assisting early-stage entrepreneurs and companies attract capital investments and out-licensing opportunities with larger more established market players. His specific competencies include patented technology valuation, market due diligence, business opportunity identification, and licensing negotiations as an agent of the patent and/or technology owner.